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VW 1.8T Bov Relocation Kit

A well engineered work of art!!!

Reduces pressure drop by relocating the BOV after the IC.  The throttle body pipe geometry is smoother and larger to allow for maximum air velocity and volume which translates into  better throttle response beginning at the mid-range  to upper RPM band.

Kit is made of T-6061 Mandrel Bent piping which dissipates heat more than any other metal.

Includes:  600 dg. f. fiberglass reinforced hoses, stainless steel clamps, vacuum hose, polished piping and plug for capping of the OEM Bov hose.

.These are all hand made and require 2 - 4 weeks delivery from date of order.


VW Does not include BOV provision.

 VW 1.8T Throttle Body Hard Pipe

Replaces the restrictive OEM rubber throttle body with a larger diameter hard pipe.

 Increases air flow by simplifying the OEM geometry which allows more air to flow for increased throttle response.

 Kit is made of T-6061 Mandrel Bent aluminum.

 Includes 600 dg. f. fiberglass reinforced hoses, stainless steel clamps and polished hard pipe.

These are all hand made and require 2 - 4 weeks delivery from date of order.








Intake begins with a hard pipe that connects to turbo via silicone hose.


Please email us if you have any questions.

 VW 1.8T Hardpipe Intake w/ Airram

A major upgrade from the extremely restrictive OEM intake system.  Our dyno results netted us a substantial gain across the entire power band and 10+HP & 6ft. lbs. of torque at peak. 

In order to make boost, you must first  provide air. At the upper end of the RPM the turbo will require more air to sustain/build boost.

Our Airram intake provides more volume to the turbo than any intake on the market for the OEM application.   We've taken the time to maximize every MM of space to ensure that the turbo is fed adequately while keeping the restrictive areas to a minimum.

One of the most common comparisons is the short ram vs. cold air.  If you've recently installed a cold air intake and made more "noise" from the intake tube, the noise you hear air struggling to make it's way up the intake track.  This is not  beneficial to the turbo for performance and longevity.

 Our intake was able to sustain boost all the way to redline and add another .2 bar.  An added benefit is the overall drivability as well as aesthetics to your engine bay.

Parts included:  Polished Intake pipe from beginning at the turbo, intake hoses, airram, brackets and filter.

These are all hand made and require 2 - 4 weeks delivery from date of order.


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