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The Bay Area's Premier Race Exhaust, Water plumbing, Custom Turbocharging & Tubing Fabrication Specialist

TurboHoses is the only Bay Area company to have in-house mandrel bending capabilities as well as custom exhaust/tubing fabrication and proto-typing.  Each day we receive components from across the world to repair, prototype or design.

 We specialize in Stainless, Titanium and Aluminum welding and fabrication.  We design light weight exhaust systems for racing and hand-crafted exhaust for award winning show vehicles.  Custom Turbo systems for street and race environment.  Ecu Dyno tuning, headers, turbo manifolds, intercoolers/radiators and custom light weight mufflers are our specialty.

Below are a few examples of hand fabricated and mandrel bent exhaust systems.  We also offer internal and external ceramic coatings.

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