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Arrive Drive & Rental Program

TH Motorsports offers the most unique experience for those looking for a day at the track, driver coaching, sanctioned racing, or private event rentals- such as the ULTIMATE birthday present/party.  We will arrange everything from track rental, food and customize to your imagination.

Imagine flying in for a race weekend and settling in at your hotel, too excited to sleep well because of the experience you are about to have over the next few days. You grab your driver suit, helmet and gear, take a quick drive to the track, and waiting for you is your track car- set up, clean, prepped for the weekend. TH Motorsports crew is all around you, as well as the cars of your Arrive & Drive buddies, lots of spares, tools and refreshments.

All you want to do is drive. And that's all you have to do.

No need to crawl under your car, lift a tire, or even ever touch a wrench. We have the best crew in the business- and plenty of them- to make sure everything is ready to roll when you are. It truly is an arrive and drive experience like none you have had in the past.

TH Motorsport's Arrive & Drive program is designed to maximize your time in the seat. You handle the fun part. Enjoy the friendly competition, the thrill of pushing your vehicle to its limits- and hopefully- the sweet taste of victory!

Our crew has a wide ranging experience from HPDE (High-performance driving experience) to the highly-experienced- we know how to take care of your racing needs and take care of you- with full hospitality and driver coaching while you have the time of your life- every time!

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